Who we are

Local Garden is a global fruit trading company with HQ in Kenya.
We are an innovative company that markets our products complying with all quality standards that clients and consumers need.  To this end, we are committed to delivering fruit conforming to the strictest international safety regulations, by ensuring that growers are aware of their environmental responsibility and production safety aspects.

Because our supply chain management is fully integrated with sourcing and marketing functions, favorable shipping, delivery and payment methods are assured. Included in our strategic supply chain management activities is building relationships with service providers, as well as integrating information technology within the supply chain.

Our strength lies in tailoring supply to meet individual buyer requirements – from packaging formats to specific quality standards. Thus we apply out-of-the-box thinking to match our customers’ needs with those of our producers and vice versa. Throughout, we place a strong emphasis on personal service and building long-term sustainable relationships.

Local Garden prides itself in being able to supply its customers with fresh fruit through comprehensive systems and trustworthy growers. With its global partners, trust Local Garden to always be able to reach your market.


Reliably meet the needs of fresh fruit in the international market, complying with the demands and quality standards; creating value and trust for our clients and consumers.


To be a nationally and internationally recognized company that enjoys the trust of its clients for its transparency, responsibility and characterized by the high quality of our products and the punctuality in our programming, adapting to the changing competitive conditions of the market.



We believe that the development of a company must go hand in hand with social and environmental respect in the area of influence, so that we support our community in its development.


We act with unwavering integrity for every action we take with our clientele, partners and fellow teammates. Though we may sometimes sacrifice the easy dollar or a relationship that doesn’t align with our core values, acting with integrity keeps us focused on the success of our clientèle, which is directly related to our own success.


The health and safety of our workers are priority issues, as well as preventing possible damage to the environment and interacting efficiently with the communities around us.


We promote a positive and constructive work environment among our team of people.